Our purpose is to create a meeting point for researchers, students and entrepreneurs to know and share the knowledge related to the agave that has been generated in recent years.

At the ISA, conferences of national and international experts are presented on various topics, in addition to the most relevant recent scientific works.



1. Scientific trends about Agave:

a. Biodiversity and Agave uses

b. Breeding

c. Agave propagation

d. Phytopathology and entomology

e. Plant physiology

f. Soils and nutrition



2. Science and Technology of Agave beverages and other derivatives:

a. Analytical techniques applied to Agave derivatives

b. Derivatives of Agave

c. Enzymatic processe

d. Traditional products obtained from Agave: Drinks and food


3. Biological effects of Agave fructans and other derivatives:

a. Technological applications of fructans

b. Physicochemical properties and molecular structure of fructans

c. Traditional uses (Phytotherapy)

d. Prebiotic effects

e. Effect on chronic degenerative diseases

f. Bioactive molecules

g. Toxicology of Agave derivatives


4. Industrial processing of Agave waste and by-products:

a. Bioenergy

b. Treatment of solid and liquid waste

c. Waste recovery and development of new Agave products

d. Fibers


5. Socio-cultural aspects of the Agave:

a. Ethnobotanical aspects

b. Sociocultural aspects

c. Economic aspects